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Zoom Your Way into Seamless COVID Office Hours

Here we are in the year 2020 trying to adjust to a new normal following the Corona Virus Pandemic that has swept the world.  The phrase “business as usual” is something we aren’t likely to hear in the foreseeable future, meaning it is time to adjust to this new normal that is filled with stylish mask, incredible hygiene, and video chatting with more people than ever before.  In this new normal, technology has made it possible for many businesses to seamlessly transition from face to face contact to a much safer virtual platform.  As clients of Interactive Palette, it’s obvious you know the importance of a virtual presence and so it’s likely easy to understand how beneficial a virtual platform can be in this new normal as well.

While we are starting to see some businesses reopening, there are still many benefits to maintaining an online platform with both your clients and employees moving forward.  With so much uncertainty and opposing views on the pandemic and business reopening’s, it would benefit your business greatly to continue using Zoom (or even platforms such as Google Meet or Hangouts, Skype, WebEx, or Jitsi) as a way to connect and continue running your business as usual as is possible during this new way of living.

Zoom is a platform that works in virtually all settings…

  • Do you usually have weekly meetings with your business team?
  • Do you want your team to continue taking clients without having to expose themselves to the general public?
  • Do you want to continue hiring employees and expand your business during this influx of clients looking to work with you?
  • Do you want your team to continue working from home if you’ve noticed a rise in productivity during the pandemic’s virtual transition?

These are just a few questions that if answered yes, should prompt you to understand why continuing to utilize video conferencing is such a simple and inexpensive way to keep your business moving forward.  Zoom makes it so easy to stay in touch virtually with a free membership which allows you unlimited 1 on 1 Zoom calls, 40 minute group Zoom calls with up to 100 participants, or for only $14.99 you can sign up for the Zoom Pro membership which allows you unlimited meeting time no matter how many attendees you have. You can also sign up for the Zoom Business account for only $19.99 if you are looking for benefits such as branding, on premise controls, single sign on, and dashboard management**.

If you are someone who is reading all of the above thinking, “What in the heck is Zoom and how do I start using it to improve my business in this new normal,” take a look at this article and see why Forbes says that video conferencing has changed the way that businesses operate.

Aside from video conferencing, live streaming has also become an extremely beneficial tool for businesses of all kinds.

While Zoom has incredible functionality for group call settings, it also allows you the ability to have a one way live stream.  This means that you are able to hold a meeting where all eyes are on you, assuring that all attendees are focused on the topic at hand.  Not only are you able to utilize Zoom for live streaming your presentations, but if you are a business that has a YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram following, you can also live stream on this platform as well!  This allows you the ability to stay connected in a more casual setting with your clients.  If you are looking to boost your customer engagement, a YouTube or Facebook live stream is the perfect way to do so!  You can use live streaming as a way to give tutorials, advice, information, anything really.  It is a platform that allows you to maintain a physical presence, even during these disconnected times.

At the end of the day, what is most important to your business, is productivity.

Video conferencing and live streams give you a way to remain productive and hold yourself, your team, and your clients accountable, even during a pandemic.  Video Conferencing with your team and/or clients “face-to-face” allows you and your business to continue operating in a way that makes you still feel connected.  Maintaining that personal connection to your business is so essential to your success.  Zoom and any other virtual hangouts will inevitably produce positive results for your business platform, regardless of pandemics that could potentially stunt your businesses growth.

** https://www.g2.com/products/zoom/pricing