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What You Need To Know About Duplicating A Page In WordPress

Without a doubt, WordPress is a powerful content management system (CMS) with nearly endless possibilities for customization and growth. However, as with anything, there is always a learning curve, especially regarding more technical aspects like duplicating a page.

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What Are The Advantages Of Duplicating A WordPress Page?

Some of the advantages of duplicating an existing page may not be immediately clear. If you follow news and trends in the digital marketing industry, you’ve probably read that creating duplicate content is generally not advisable. However, in some cases, it’s a beneficial tool.

Let’s explore some of the practical applications for duplicating a WordPress page:

A/B Testing – A/B Testing, also known as split testing, compares two web page versions to evaluate which one performs better. Typically, A/B pages test different variations of headlines, calls-to-action, or images.

By duplicating a page and making slight changes to each version, you can easily A/B test which variation works best for your audience.

Creating a Template – Have you ever made a page with a specific layout, only to find that you need to create another page with the same design? Duplicating the original page and using it as a template can save you a lot of time in the long run.

Generating Similar Content – If you have an existing piece of content that’s performing well, you may want to create similar content or landing pages to attract a similar audience. Duplicating the original page and making slight changes as needed is a faster and more efficient way to add specialized pages when needed for marketing or other purposes.

Revising Content Without Affecting Live Page – If you need to make significant changes to an existing page, duplicating the page first allows you to work on the revision without affecting the live page. Then, once you’re happy with the revised version, you can delete the old page and replace it with the new one.

Streamlines New Web Page Development – In general, duplicating an existing page will be faster than starting from scratch. If you have a current page similar to what you need, copying it and making the necessary changes can save you time in the development process.

Saves Time – When you consider it takes roughly four hours to create a new WordPress page from scratch, duplicating an existing page can save you a significant amount of time – which is always a valuable commodity.

What Are The Potential Pitfalls Of Duplicating A WordPress Page?

Now that we’ve discussed the advantages of duplicating a WordPress page let’s explore some of the potential pitfalls.

Duplicate Content Issues – One of the biggest potential problems with duplicating a page is that it can lead to duplicate content issues. If both versions of the page are live and published on your website, search engines may penalize you for having duplicate content.

Using a rel=”canonical” tag on the duplicate page helps avoid this from being problematic.

In addition to tagging the page, other tweaks needed to avoid potential issues include changing the page name, title, meta description, and website page content.

If these details get overlooked, it could harm search engine optimization and decrease traffic and rankings for both pages. Therefore, this outcome is detrimental across the board.

Creating Confusion – Another potential issue with duplicating a WordPress page is that it can create confusion if you aren’t paying attention. The word “duplication” is literal – it creates an exact duplicate of an existing page. So if you aren’t careful or mindful of what you’re copying, you could end up with a Dashboard full of unorganized and confusing pages.

WordPress Website Development Made Easy

Don’t despair! Even with all these potential pitfalls, having the ability to quickly duplicate a WordPress page and make needed changes is still much faster and easier than starting from scratch. The key is to be mindful of the potential problems and take the necessary steps to avoid them.

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