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Website With Purpose: The Wrong And Right Way To Educate Your Clients

Believe it or not, people now want to be more educated before they contact a salesperson than they have in the past. We think the modern business website does a lot of the leg work that a salesperson might have been tasked with in the past. Educating those who visit your website will help to reach your end goal of generating leads, gaining business clients, and growing your business. With such a great purpose, it’s important not to waste time by doing it the wrong way. Today we have some insight about the wrong and right way to educate your clients.

website with purpose

First, the wrong way to educate clients:

Showing off

If you think the sole purpose of educating your clients is to teach them how great you are, you’re doing it wrong. While it’s great for the client to know how qualified you are, it’s truly not the thing that will get them to choose you. More often than not, we don’t act unless we also feel. The emotional part of our brain often takes control of the decisions we make. We want to feel like the company we do business with cares about us, and not only themselves. That they see we have a problem that needs fixing. Logic tells us that the most qualified option should be what we choose. But we don’t operate on logic only, and we usually need to have a little emotional connection too.

So instead of showing off and only educating visitors about your qualifications, try to include some empathy, compassion, and understanding. When you do this, you start educating them about how your company can fix their problem.

Justifying prices

Don’t educate your clients only to justify your prices. Clients most likely don’t have a clue how much work is involved in what you do, or what you’ve learned to get to this point, or the expensive tools used to get it done. They probably don’t even care either, so don’t try to educate them on these things in order to justify the price you charge them for your service or product.

Usually they just care about what you can do for them. How you can help to solve their problem. When educating them, educate them on how you can help them get what they want or need.

So now…The right way to educate clients:

Help them see what they might be losing

Showing clients what they are losing by not choosing your service or product is often more powerful than only telling them what they can gain. For instance, if you’re educating customers about what can happen when they don’t have social media you want to show them they are losing customers, and therefore money, to their competitors who do use social media. Educating them about what they could lose by not buying your services or product will bring you more sales.

Set proper expectations

Educate your customer about what they should expect with your service or product. If you don’t, they might become upset because they thought they would be getting something different from it. Be honest and don’t lead them to thinking they’ll get more than you can realistically deliver.

Persuade them

The educating you do should be largely telling them what you do and why they need it, not so much explaining how you do it. Clients are probably not wondering how you do what you do, so don’t waste time answering questions they’re not asking. Find a nice balance of persuasion within your educating – persuade them that they need you because you’ve done a good job educating them about what you do and why you do it (a.k.a. how you can help them).

We all know your business website plays a large role in customer acquisition. That’s why it’s important you are using your website in the best way you can. This is especially true with how you educate your current and potential clients. Make your business website into a powerful and effective selling tool by implementing these ways to educate your clients.