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The Importance of a Mobile Friendly Website

The understatement of the decade could be that technology is constantly changing. This has never been more prevalent for businesses than today. Ten years ago, it was imperative to have a website up and running to showcase your business during the internet boom. While the internet boom hasn’t showed any signs of slowing down, it has assisted in a new boom that can make or break your business. This is the mobile boom. More and more people are using their smartphone to surf the web and if your website can’t adapt to the difference in screen size, you could be losing business. The fact that Google has even changed their search algorithm to rank mobile capable sites over non-responsive sites is a sign that mobile is not just a trend, it’s a lifestyle.

Responsive Websites

Mobile lifestyle data

This lifestyle has reached numbers that may shock you. According to Google Trends data, more searches are now made on mobile devices than on any other devices combined (tablets, laptops, desktops). The average person also spends 7.3 hours per week browsing the web on their mobile phones. Today, people want information as fast and convenient as possible. It is important that your site can be assessed in the palm of everybody’s hand because not doing so could mean you are missing out on more than half the potential traffic out there. You need a responsive website to do this.

What are responsive websites?

Responsive websites are websites that respond to the changes from all the different screen sizes out there. This means that a website will look just as good going from a large desktop monitor to a tablet, and all the way down to smartphones. A responsive website is also a mobile friendly website. We already know, Google and other search engines put great value on mobile friendly websites, but so do your visitors. Yes, a traditional website may load on a mobile device, but the results are not usually good. Either the font is insufferably small, or some older code elements are lost. Sometimes only a corner of the website appears, or other times all the text is stacked on top of each other. If your website doesn’t load right on a mobile phone it won’t be taken seriously by mobile visitors. Responsive websites make sure your website is easy to navigate no matter what platform is used to access it.

How can I fix my website and make it responsive?

After reading about the importance of having a mobile website you may be in a state of panic because your website doesn’t have that capability. Although it is a big problem that your site is not responsive for different devices, it does not mean you have to get a new website altogether. There are services available that can keep your website’s integrity and design completely intact, but will make sure all the code and makeup of the site is responsive. This is by far the easiest and fastest way to take your existing website and make it a responsive website.

Mobile web browsing is here to stay. This means the importance of a mobile friendly site has never been bigger. Make sure your website is up to speed with receiving mobile traffic so your business can continue to succeed.