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The Four Main Types of Videos for Websites

As broadband expands across the country more and more companies are not just adding videos to their websites, many are giving them a prominent place atop their Home pages – and for good reason; videos capture your visitor’s attention. We intuitively understand that the type and quality of these videos will determine whether you can translate that attention into sales.

Before we review these 4 basic types of videos keep in mind that today’s Internet offers many venues to post your company’s videos…for free. Besides residing on your own website, Facebook and LinkedIn also allow you to post your videos there as well. Even Twitter allows you to send out Tweets with links to your video. Leveraging a video across multiple channels makes perfect sense.

Now let’s take a quick look at the basic types of videos that are commonly found on the Internet today.

The Introduction or “Welcome” Video

Commonly found on the first website page upon which the visitor lands, this type of video is typically around a minute in length and its primary function is to greet and welcome the visitor to the website. During this brief video two vital tasks must be accomplished: the company “tone” must be established (friendly, honest, exceptional, etc.) while encouraging the visitor to stay and ultimately take whatever actions are desired of them (browse, buy, sign up for a newsletter, etc.).

For example, the welcome video may introduce a product or service, giving just the most compelling reasons why the visitor ought to invest more time checking out the details (perhaps directing them to more specific videos and/or web pages that will attempt to clinch the sale). The point is that even if yours is the world’s finest product and/or service, the person watching your video has a limited attention span – that’s the reason why television commercials are no longer than a minute in length. So keep this introduction video short and make the case for the visitor to linger and learn more and ultimately buy.

The Commercial

Most similar to their television counterparts, the “Commercial” video is where you get right to the task of convincing your visitor buy your product, hire your services. You skip the formalities and get down to business.

Elements that make for successful videos include:

  • Customer Testimonials
  • A compelling/convincing script
  • Colorful visuals
  • Music
  • Humor (where appropriate
  • Movement (attracts attention)

Videos are uniquely qualified to bring your products and services to life in ways that print simple cannot do, inherently capturing both mind and heart. So incorporating some or all of these elements into your video will give you a head-start towards success — but don’t forget to ask for the sale! Without a call-to-action within your video you miss the opportunity to get what you are seeking.

The Informational Video

This is sometimes referred to as the “soft-sell” approach. Rather than make a direct pitch for sales, the Informational Video offers your viewer expert information of importance to them. In fact, they most likely will run across this type of video via an Internet search on the topic.

Winning the viewer’s trust by providing them useful information may or may not result in sales. Think of this approach as building your brand and do not expect speedy results. Often you will need to produce a series of related videos on a given subject in order to demonstrate your mastery as well as giving your following something new to come back to view time after time. Oh, and don’t forget to prominently display a link back to your website!

The Public Service Announcement (PSA)

Primarily for not-for-profit organizations, a Public Service Announcement imparts information of importance to members of the community, alerting them of upcoming events or opportunities, or advising them about risks or dangers. If your organization is set up as not-for-profit you are likely entitled to ongoing free exposure on your local Public Access television station. In fact, many of these stations encourage these organizations to produce longer broadcasts that delve into the good works that these organizations were set up to provide to their communities. It’s definitely worth checking out!


Videos are powerful tools that can attract new customers, increase sales and foster branding and name recognition, placing your company ahead of your competition. Knowing which type of video is called for will help you make an informed decision that will allow you to achieve the results that you seek. Make sure to discuss all of these points with your local videographer before you decide on the video that’s best for your company.

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