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Professional website maintenance services for small businesses

The business of having an online presence is not static and neither are the visitors to your website.

There are no guarantees once they leave that they will return.

A successful website provides reasons for viewers to come back again and again.

And the best way to keep people interested is to protect your investment by keeping it from becoming “out-dated”.

Whether you want to add fresh content, images, change prices or introduce new products, Interactive Palette will work with you to help you keep your b2b website innovative and profitable.

If you already have a website, then you should ask yourself. Does my current web partner periodically review my site and suggest any updates or changes that might enhance my visitor’s experience and increase my site’s productivity? If the answer is no, then you may be missing out on customers who have browsed but don’t see the need to return because the information is always the same – outdated. Accurate information on your web site is an important part of portraying a professional image, and that is exactly what Interactive Palette will help you achieve no matter who initially designed your site.

Interactive Palette offers a variety of options for website maintenance, whether it is occasional updates, regular updates, building a custom solution to give you the ability to maintain your own site, or providing our easy to use browser based content management system.

Content management systems are a great solution if you are a website owner that prefers to update and maintain your own site. Having the proper CMS installed ensures that the design of your website remains unchanged and the content can be updated without the need for programming or HTML knowledge.

Key features of our choice for CMS:

  • Online editing similar to Microsoft Word, rich text formatting, search, replace, undo, redo, cut, copy, paste, tables, links, images and much more
  • Allows you to easily update any content such as news items or press releases
  • Everything is handled in the browser
  • Allows for editing and creation of forms (content submission via email)
  • The ability to upload images directly into your content
  • Point and click to create links to other pages on your website or to external sites
  • No technical or programming skills are required