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Secure Document Management with WordPress for Medical Practices

Medical practices manage a huge amount of patient information, medical records, and business documents every day. And just like any business, they need an effective way to manage these files. This is especially true when these documents are in a digital format. Creating and adhering to a WordPress document management system is an integral part of any productive business, and it helps an organization streamline their workflow and productivity, stay compliant with record keeping regulations (HIPAA), and avoid security mishaps.

wordpress document management

Streamline workflow and productivity with WordPress Document Management

You can free up physical space in your office and help your whole practice run more efficiently. For example, having a single document management system gives you and your employees quick access to patient records. No more rummaging through paper files to find crucial patient information, instead you can just type in a search item and instantly find what you’re looking for. If you want your website to be more than just an online brochure, you’ll want to use it to streamline your practice and provide value to your patients. This could mean adding to your website capabilities to set up or change appointments, deliver lab results, fill out forms, pay bills, ask questions, collect patient and office data, etc. These added features are beneficial only if you implement a safe and secure way store manage the data, files, and information involved.

Stay compliant with record keeping regulations and avoid security mishaps

There is a significant amount of sensitive patient information that goes through a medical practice. This is why there are security regulations, such as HIPAA guidelines. These exist to protect patient data and personal information from data breaches, whether in hard copy form or stored/transmitted electronically. Ignoring these guidelines can have negative effects on your patients and cost your practice a lot of money, so it’s crucial to implement best practices when it comes to document management.

Bottom line is this: A document management system can benefit your medical practice.

If you already use WordPress as your website’s Content Management System (CMS), you can find plugins and tools that will give you patient management capabilities along with secure document management. WordPress plugins can be very versatile and are usually open source, so it will cost you much less than other collaboration and file management tools. You can manage and manipulate the files or documents right in the CMS dashboard, and you can password protect the files, assign access only to registered users, and much more in effort to increase security.

Make sure you’re managing your digital documents with a secure WordPress document management system to help you streamline workflow and productivity, stay compliant with record keeping regulations, and avoid security mishaps. WordPress is a secure and economical choice that offers tools and plugins with these capabilities for your website. Interactive Palette can help you get this started – call us today!