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Save Money, Time, and Hassle With Routine Website Maintenance

A website has certain essential functions that allow for a successful business presence. A company’s website is usually its first impression. If the site appears or performs as if it’s old and outdated, people will assume the company standing behind it are also obsolete and not with the times.

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People expect your website to be modern, secure, and fast, which means routine upkeep is a lot more cost-effective than letting sit for years.

If you picture your website in the same framework as a working vehicle, it can help drive business to your doors if well maintained. But much like a car that hasn’t had maintenance and care, it could be prone to breakdowns that leave you in an inconvenient situation.

Website development works the same way. However, web development is an ongoing process involving technology and changes at a rapid pace, making it difficult for many business owners without technical skills to keep up.

Potential website issues that business owners must keep in mind include:

Insecure or Outdated Code – Without updates, security holes get left open that hackers can exploit. These vulnerabilities can lead to complete data loss, identity theft, and other potentially damaging outcomes. For example, sites without SSL/TLS security protocols in place are vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks in which unauthorized parties gain access to sensitive data.

Software Reaches End of Life – If software updates automatically behind the scenes, it can break your website without you knowing, resulting in downtime or limited access. Unexpected downtime could cost a company thousands or even millions of dollars. In addition, without updates or patches to maintain the website integrity, this could result in security breaches.

Potential issues that EOL Software can create include:

Lack of Browser Support – If your site has difficulties resolving on a visitor’s device due to a lack of browser support, visitors might assume you’re out of business, which could harm your business reputation.

Deprecated User Experience – A lack of features or poor compatibility with modern devices can make for a frustrating experience leading to loss of customers.

Negatively Impact SEO – When website pages with older versions of popular software get indexed on search engines, website visitors could find broken links, unresponsive web pages, or nothing at all where your site should be.

Server Software Is Updated – In some cases, server software gets updated behind the scenes and could break your website without you knowing, which could leave a business with a website full of bugs or completely inaccessible until someone can do maintenance.

Routine Maintenance Can Avert Major Disruptions

When you consider the significant changes that require time and money to make, the costs of routine website upkeep are dramatically less.

Managed website services such as hosting and optimization can help keep your website updated and maintained to avoid significant business disruptions.

Through regular updates and proper maintenance, your business can avoid common issues such as browser incompatibility issues, outdated code security risks, software EOL disruptions, lack of features, negatively impacting SEO status, and server issues.

Because web development is an ongoing process involving technology and adapting to changes rapidly, having a technology partner to handle web all aspects of your technology can help save you time, hassle, and problems.

Not surprisingly, keeping up with the latest technologies can be difficult for business owners to do independently. However, working with a technology partner who provides managed web services such as hosting and optimization is affordable and helps ensures that your company website is ready to handle the changes and avert the risks of having an insecure website.

Some key benefits of using managed web services include:

Responsive Support Team – A reliable web technology company has experienced team members on standby to maintain servers. If there is a disruption or outage, they can handle issues quickly, allowing faster response times and less downtime.

Peace of Mind – By knowing that you have a support team available to handle issues, you can rest easy knowing that experts maintain your website.

Higher Visibility In Search Engines – A trusted website support company offers not only the latest server software, but they are also experts in search engine optimization.

Improved Performance – Technology partners providers know how to configure your website with network connections that allow faster processing speeds and reduce web traffic lag time.

Make Routine Maintenance A Breeze

If you’re researching intelligent approaches to manage website updates or optimize them for increased performance, Interactive Palette is the professional team for you. Our managed services will allow you more time and money so that your business can thrive online and beyond.

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