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Protect your business website with proper security

As if business owners didn’t have enough to worry about, anxiety over sending secure transactions via your website are very real…but with the proper protection and by working with a reputable web host, that concern can be crossed off your list.

All websites that conduct business over the Internet and/or engage in e-commerce transactions and collect credit card numbers should use SSL (Secure Socket Layer).  SSL encrypts data between the website and web browser, protecting information from being intercepted by an outside hacker.  Websites that are secure will read https:// at the beginning of the address.  SSL certificates are issued by a number of companies, including VeriSign, GeoTrust and Entrust

Another must for transaction-active business websites is firewall hardware or software.  Firewalls protect computer systems from intruders by examining all communication between your computer and outside sources.  Cisco hardware firewalls are known for their solid protection; this relatively small investment can go a long way toward providing peace of mind that your website won’t be hacked or attacked.

Spam elimination and email security round out the top three protection components for business websites.  Junk email is the chief cause of viruses that can invade your system and cost you in time, money and frustration.  If utilizing a wireless connection, it is imperative to be password protected.  Also, be sure your mail server has a qualified non-generic domain name to avoid the possibility of the mail you send ending up in the recipient’s spam catcher.  Business owners should consider an email hosting service that specializes in email security, and offers server-wide spam and virus detectors to eliminate potential problematic emails before they are downloaded.