Boston Business Group – Boston, MA

Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Industry: Business Services

After spending years in senior leadership positions, the Principals of the Boston Business Group came together to lend their knowledge, experience, and skills in building companies seeking faster personal and corporate growth. Thus, we are all former CEO’s of various public and private companies and our ambition is to give business owners and leaders much of what we failed to receive along the way. Our expertise covers virtually all the functional areas needed to successfully grow a business including sales, marketing, leadership, finance, human capital, and dealing with the many and varied challenges associated with growing a business.

Interactive Palette designed and developed a new custom responsive website:

  • Interactive Palette redesigned Boston Business Group’s website to complement their new marketing campaign.
  • The website is Responsive which means it automatically adjusts to the visitors’ screens whether it is a desktop or mobile device.
  • Website and email accounts are hosted on Interactive Palette’s dedicated servers.

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