Maintain the best practices of SEO

Maintain the best practices of SEO with Google Search Console

Google Search Console, formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools, is offered by Google as a free service that helps you to keep track of and maintain your site’s presence in the Google Search results. Using this tool will help you understand how Google views your site and how to optimize its performance.

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Use this tool today to discover problems that might be hurting your search result rankings or your website’s user experience.

What kind of problems can it fix?

Problems like errors, broken pages, site indexing problems, or messages from Google regarding any issues or actions taken against your website (hacks, malware warning, penalties, etc.). The many features of this console help you do maintain the best practices of SEO on your website.

Let’s go more in depth to what you can use Google Search Console for…

Search Appearance

This feature shows how your site appears in Google’s search results pages (SERPS). Factors like page title, meta description, sitelinks, URL, breadcrumbs, and product or rich snippets are all a part of this. Every part of a search result can be selected to get more information on how to influence its appearance.

Structured Data

In SEO, Structured Data refers to a system that pairs a name with a value that helps search engines to categorize and index content. The Structured Data page in the Search Console shows the structured data that Google has detected on your site. You will find graphs showing the amount of structured data elements that are found on your site, and provided information about errors in page markup that could prevent rich snippets or other search features from being displayed. For instance, errors could be preventing snippets for a restaurant that might show the price range and average review - valuable pieces of information that you really want showing up.

Data Highlighter

Data Highlighter is a great tool to use when implementing your structured data, or telling Google about your structured data and its pattern on your website. This tool is especially useful when you don’t have access to the website’s back end. For example, you can tag your business phone number with the label ‘Telephone’ and Google will know how to present this important information in more attractive or new way in the search results. While this sort of tagging isn’t as preferred as going to the website’s back end to put in hard code, it still is better than nothing and can easily be done with this data highlighter tool.

Search Analytics Report

This tool shows how often your site appears in Google search results. You can use this to see where your search traffic is coming from, how the traffic changes over time, and what search queries are more likely to show your site. Find out more specifics, like what search queries are made on smartphones and how you can improve your mobile strategy, or which pages have higher click-through rates.

While not exhaustive, this list of tools found within the Google Search Console can help you keep best practices of SEO for your website. You can discover and fix problems that may be hurting your search result rankings, or even your website’s user experience. This is vital for the health of your business in this modern and tech-friendly age, so take advantage of Google Search Console today.  

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