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Medical Websites For Doctors

Better Online Representation for Doctors through Website Design, Maintenance and Online Marketing

I don’t think anybody disagrees that having a strong online presence is good for not just reputation and trustworthy information, but also business. It’s amazing to think, then, that the healthcare world is decades behind in this area. Just Google and search for a doctor, or any sort of medical specialist in your area, and you can see that most don’t have any sort of online representation. Many have unclaimed Google profiles, outdated information or even wrong addresses and phone numbers. It’s amazing that in a world where over 90% of consumers research online before making a decision, that healthcare practices are not at the forefront of making sure they have a great resource for these consumers to find.

At Interactive Palette, we help healthcare practices get ahead of their competitors through better representation on the web. We understand that with busy practices, healthcare reform, staffing and other items, marketing may seem like just another thing to worry about. That’s where we come in. We design modern and functional websites that help its future visitors understand what your practice is all about. Interactive Palette then makes sure this website is running smoothly at all times and can keep up with the rest of the fast-paced environment of your practice.

Medical Website Design & Development

Your website is the bridge between you and your potential patients. It should not only contain all the necessary information that your potential patients will be looking for, but it should also be pleasing to the eye and able to adapt to all different screen sizes. We at Interactive Palette know that a well-designed website speaks volumes in terms of trust and authority to its visitors. We also know that more and more search is done via mobile devices, which is why we make sure your website has a responsive design that will retain and convert those online visitors into real-life practice visitors.

Website Maintenance and Internet Marketing

We make sure to keep the necessary information on your medical website current and up to date, as an outdated website is not useful or compelling to those who could potentially need your services. We work to keep your website fresh and current, and even periodically review each of our clients’ sites and suggest any updates or changes that might enhance a visitor’s experience and increase the site’s productivity.

As more people use the search engines to research before they make a decision about a healthcare provider, it is more important than ever to keep up with the ever-changing search engines. We make it our goal to market your website and keep you showing up despite these many tweaks and changes in the digital marketing realm. We utilize the best internet marketing, content marketing and SEO so that your services keep showing up to the many people searching for them. Keeping up with this is a full-time job in itself, and it is usually more beneficial to outsource this work to a company like us.

The healthcare industry is ripe with opportunity when it comes to the internet. It amazes me that so few have a strong online presence in today’s heavily dominated online world. The benefits of having an online presence for your medical practice are immeasurable.

Interactive Palette has the tools and experience necessary to create a strong online presence for your healthcare practice. Our websites are sure to help your potential patients get to know you and understand what your practice is all about.

We know you work in a fast-paced environment. Let us help you and your online presence keep up, and keep showing up to the people who need it.

Contact us today and let us help your Medical Practice succeed on the internet.