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Make Managing Your WordPress Website A Breeze!

A website is an essential part of your business operations. As a workhorse in your marketing toolbox, it requires constant maintenance and support to ensure it runs smoothly. Not surprisingly, these job responsibilities can be a challenge for many office managers, entrepreneurs, and business owners without the skills, time, or resources to handle complicated IT tasks themselves.

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Let’s talk about some of the most frequently asked questions office managers and small business owners have about managing their WordPress site.

Q: What Are The Benefits Of Installing WordPress Plugins?
A: Plugins add functionality to WordPress sites. However, deprecated plugins can also serve as entry points for hackers. It’s important to remember that activated WordPress plugins running on your site have access to everything available and can potentially get exploited by hackers. Some plugins are more vulnerable than others, so only install plugins from trusted sources.

Q: How Often Do WordPress Updates Happen?
A: WordPress updates are the lifeblood of a website. They fix bugs and security issues, add new features and optimize the site’s performance.

There are two types of WordPress updates: Core Updates and Plugin Updates. Core updates are for your WordPress installation, while plugin updates keep installed plugins running optimally.

Core updates happen periodically to ensure that all security patches, bugs, and other technical issues get fixed promptly. The timing of plugin updates can vary based on the original publisher. Typically, plugin updates help publishers ensure they’re running on the most recent stable version.

Q: What Are Automated WordPress Updates, And Should I Worry About Them?
A: Automated WordPress updates are just that. WordPress updates that happen automatically – ideally without the need for human intervention. While generally, this should be a seamless operation that runs quietly behind the scenes, sometimes glitches can occur. In addition, the severity and impact of a failed automatic WordPress update can vary widely depending on the circumstances. For example, if a failed update causes your site to render improperly, you may want to consider manually updating WordPress instead of attempting another automatic update.

Q: What Can Happen If An Update Goes Wrong?
A: The update process can be risky. Many things can go wrong, potentially causing a plethora of problems.

Poor User Experience – One of the worst things that could happen is when an update goes wrong, negatively impacting the user’s experience. For example, if a website crashes after an update and isn’t available or doesn’t respond or perform as expected, users might not understand what’s happening and might stop visiting.

Security Breaches – Websites with outdated plugins pose security risks too. If a hacker detects a vulnerability in your software before you do, they can exploit it for their gain. In addition, unauthorized access at your site could lead to leaked sensitive information or, even worse – stolen financial information!

Downtime – Unexpected problems with website updates can also lead to downtime for your business which is never good! Downtime can result in lost revenues, but it can also result in a loss of professional reputation!

Wasted Time – Unexpected problems with website updates can also lead to a loss of valuable time. You may have to get sidelined trying to fix the issue when updating your website instead of using the time to focus on other operating tasks.

Data Loss – If a WordPress update goes sideways, there is a chance of losing valuable data, documents, and information, including everything from images and text to the backend technology that keeps your site operating as expected. Any data loss could be detrimental and cause a wipeout. Starting from square one is a terrible position to be in!

Q: Is There A Straightforward Way To Tell Which WordPress Update Went Wrong?
A: Sometimes, identifying which WordPress update went wrong is more straightforward than other times. For instance, if you recently installed a brand new Plugin and everything stopped working afterward, there is a high chance the newly added plugin is the culprit. But, on the other hand, if you recently updated to a recent version of WordPress, it could be one of the core updates that went wrong. Luckily, installing and monitoring change logs and simple history logging programs are among the top technology solutions to monitor automatic or manual updates made to your site.

Q: I Don’t Have An IT Department. How Can I Make Sure My WordPress Works Right?
A: WordPress is a popular website publishing platform that allows you to build your website even with limited technical knowledge. While an excellent tool for small businesses, it can be challenging for many office managers to keep up with the updates and security of WordPress.

For this reason, and many others, Interactive Palette offers reliable WordPress Website Management Services, including remote support and 24/7 monitoring of your WordPress site, so you don’t have to worry about anything!

Q: How Does Working With Interactive Palette Help Streamline Operations?
A: The WordPress professionals at Interactive Palette offer a broad range of IT services to help ensure that your WordPress website always runs at optimal levels. The team of skilled IT technicians can help with any task related to WordPress, whether backing your site up, adding security protocols, or migrating to a reliable hosting server. With a team of WordPress experts available 24/7, you can count on Interactive Palette to provide you with the best possible WordPress services.

Streamline Your Operations With Dependable WordPress Support Services

These days, many people worry about their website not performing well and not being updated with the latest and greatest WordPress has to offer. We can help!

We know the usefulness of having a dependable WordPress support service when the unexpected happens. But, even better, we offer flexible WordPress Management services so that you can concentrate on the most critical tasks of running your business instead of worrying about your website.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to discuss any questions you have about our services. We’re happy to assist!