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Law Firm Cybersecurity: Spam And Virus Filtering With Email Continuity

Cyberattacks on law firms seem to have increased over the past few years. These cyberattacks can be very costly to resolve, and require a lot of time that could be dedicated instead to actual business within the law firm. Most industries have their ways to protect sensitive data using best practice security measures. Law firms and the law industry should be no different.

cyber security

Let’s consider one data channel to protect: email. Email has become a very important tool for all businesses, law firms included. Unfortunately, email is a common point of access for cyber criminals and hackers. Most people have experienced some sort of spam appearing within an email account, whether it’s in the form of a scam or perhaps malicious links or pop-ups. Spam is one avenue for hackers to intercept sensitive information from a law firm and its clientele. Luckily, there is a security measure, spam and virus filtering, that deals with such so the focus can remain on the law firm.

Spam and virus filtering


This is spam and virus filtering that protects your inbox from receiving spam or other malicious email traffic coming in from another IP address.


While not always offered with spam filtering services, outbound spam filtering can be just as important as inbound filtering to protect a firm. Outbound prevents a company’s IP address from being blacklisted by mistake, the blacklist being a list shared between all major spam filtering service providers. A firm could be put on the blacklist because of emails sent with misspelled titles or from a spammer who somehow manages to send spam through your IP due to malware or other issues.

While it’s possible to remove your IP address from a global blacklist, it’s quite time-consuming and takes time and focus away from actual law firm business. That being said, it’s really best to find a service provider that offers both inbound and outbound spam filtering to give the highest level of protection.

A note about Email Continuity

Spam and virus filtering is all good and well, but what happens when there’s an outage to an email infrastructure because of hardware failures, required system maintenance, or natural disasters? We’d like to add a note about email continuity, which allows access to email even when email infrastructure is down. A firm’s productivity and growth could be disrupted with not only a cyberattack, but with any outages that occur. Consider services that offer email continuity along with spam and virus filtering.

A service such as AppRiver, a cloud-based cybersecurity service provider we have recently partnered with. They cover both of these bases when it comes to protecting a firm. With spam filtering and email continuity, they help businesses keep the focus where it should be – on the business.

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