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How to Stay Connected to Your Clients

It has been a solid year of solitude for most everyone in the world.  Over the past year we have learned about the importance of connection.  We have also learned that connection can be acquired not only through seeing one another in person, but also through the saving grace of technology. We are able to seek connection through our phones, mobile applications, and connection services of the like.  Being someone who owns a business that operates online gives you the unique opportunity to utilize your platform to not only drive business, but also to connect with your clients.

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What are some ways that you can connect with your clients?

Being an online business owner gives you an opportunity to connect with your clients with such regularity that it can sometimes be overwhelming knowing where to start and how to do it in the correct manner.  There are probably 101 ways that you can choose to stay connected to your client’s, however we are going to focus on three main topics in today’s article.

  1. Business Blogging
  2. FAQ
  3. Contact Us

These three simple and highly effective business tools are a great way to not only connect to your clients, but also keep them engaged and in-the-know on all things business.

Why is a blog so important for my business success?

We here at Interactive Palette find that connecting through blog posts can be one of the most beneficial and effective ways to stay connected.  Not only is this a great way to engage but it is also such a simple way to keep your clients engaged!

When approaching your blog posts, it’s important to remind yourself what it is that your clients would be interested in hearing about.

Say you work as a landscaper, you would benefit greatly by writing an article all about how to use this time of the year to completely renovate your lawn for a beautiful summer scenery.

If you work as a lawyer, your clients would surely appreciate an article touching on how your firm in particular can assist with their case.

There are endless topics, discussions, ideas, and information that you can share with your clients.  Your best bet is to research what topics are currently “hot” in your specific job field.

What can an FAQ do to help me connect with clients?

Your business website should always have a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).  This is a great way for us as business owners to let our clients know that:

  1. They are not silly/stupid for certain questions they may have
  2. We pay attention to our client needs

The FAQ can be a short summary of your most basic questions, or it could be a detailed explanation of your clients most basic needs and what it is that you have to offer them in regards to their questions on the matter.  The FAQ is a simple and resourceful way to communicate with your clients at all times without having to stay in constant communication with them on a daily basis.

Why should my business have a “Contact Us”?

While this may seem like a silly question to some, the fact of the matter is that not every business has this essential piece of their business website.

Your Contact Us section is all about giving your clients an opportunity to connect with you on a regular basis with any questions/concerns they may have.

If you think about it this way, your Contact Us is basically the part of your business website that can easily result in business revenue.  Once your clients have the opportunity to connect with you directly, you are giving them a certain level of trust in you and your business.

If you were to neglect to have a Contact Us on your website, you are leaving yourself no room for growth, true connection, and confidence.

Staying connected with your clients is the best way to produce business results.

All of us business owners know how busy we can get with our daily operations.  Setting up these three simple business tools are a quick and easy way to maintain client connection, while still being able to focus on your daily business needs.

If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by all of the content material needed for this type of client connection, please feel free to contact us to discuss our business content packages so we can assist you in having that continuous and essential connection with your clients!