Content Management Systems (CMS)

Interactive Palette is dedicated to empowering your business using the latest technology, and to that end, recommends advanced, easy-to-use content management solutions to all of its new clients.

While remaining committed to assisting clients with timely site updates, there are many instances where making such updates can be far more convenient for the company itself to make. This is where content management systems add their value.

With the potential for leveraging every member of your organization, a good content management system (or CMS for short), will help insure your website reflects the latest changes in your business, and provide your web visitors with the most accurate up-to-date information.

As simple as using Microsoft Word to edit a document, the latest CMS solutions are very visual, dynamic, and powerful.

Interactive Palette goes further, however, by implementing customized “modules” into client solutions. For instance, presented with a complex list of management names or available employment opportunities, organizing titles and photographs visually can be a daunting task for any would-be editor. A custom module, specific to that page, can reduce the information into a set of custom fields that make updates point-and-click easy.

Additionally, our clients may choose to have an integrated “members only” or “support” area in their website, that allows easy communication with customers. For example, a software vendor could provide updates to registered customers or a company’s dealers could be provided password-protected access to sales material or quotes. These areas can also be content managed, while benefiting from a separate user-database and company-specific applications.

Our CMS solutions help clients to easily manage web pages, documents, photography, newsletter sign-ups, online contact forms, and much more.

Contact us today for information on CMS training, setting up CMS for your existing website, or as part of a new design package!