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Healthcare Providers Really Can Build Trust & Authority on LinkedIn

Many people in the healthcare field may feel like LinkedIn is only for career climbers, job posters, salespeople and the like – not them. And at times, LinkedIn can feel like an overwhelming setup process that doesn’t bring about a lot of benefits. However, there seems to be a growing acceptance of it as a professional platform for career climbers and healthcare field people alike.

Healthcare Providers Really Can Build Trust & Authority on LinkedIn

Patients these days have access to so much information now and don’t simply choose doctors on a whim. They need to see more trusted information in order for them to choose the right doctor for them.

An effective marketing strategy for physicians is all about building authority and trust, as well as gaining exposure in the medical community, and LinkedIn can be a wonderful tool to do just that. LinkedIn is an excellent way for physicians to build authority and trust and reach more patients or referral sources.

Build a reputation, authority, & trust:

You can use LinkedIn to build your brand in the healthcare field. This includes gaining more authority within your industry and creating value for your people (your LinkedIn connections, current and potential patients, colleagues, and so on). You can do this by creating content, curating other people’s content and information, and being proactive in helping your connections. Your end goal is that when people see your content in their newsfeed they believe you to be a person of authority, someone they can trust and potentially become your patients or refer you to their friends and connections.

Be found on Google:

It’s crucial that a medical practice or individual physician is found on Google, the internet’s most popular search engine. Patients, recruiters and industry professionals are looking for the services you offer and if you can’t be found then you might lose out of a lot of potential business. Good thing for you is that Google likes LinkedIn, and if it sees you are a part of LinkedIn and active in it then they will consider your business more worthwhile and relevant to consumers. This meaning, you’re more likely to rank higher and more likely to be found on Google. Complete your profile and include relevant keywords throughout so you can be found not only when people search your name but also when they search for your specialty.

Networking and participation in your field:

As a physician, you can participate in LinkedIn groups – up to 100 at a time. This provides an excellent opportunity to network and gain valuable advice and guidance relative to your field. Explore the profiles of a physician influencer in your community and see what groups they’ve joined. LinkedIn also has a search feature that you can utilize to find groups. Some common physician peer groups include Medical Doctor (MD) Network, Marketing and Networking for Business Professionals and Doctors, Health 2.0, Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), the society of Physician Entrepreneurs, and so on.

Optimizing your profile:

To get more out of the LinkedIn platform, make sure you optimize your profile to be the best it can be. Some key things you can do to optimize your profile:

  • Profile picture and headline – your profile picture and headline are two major areas that show in the search result listing. Make sure you have a professional headshot for your profile picture and an attention grabbing headline.
  • Edit your public LinkedIn URL to include your full name – this will make it easier for people to find you.
  • Check the “Make My Public Profile Visible to Everyone” box.
  • Include a link to your LinkedIn profile on your email signature, Facebook page, Twitter, Google+ and any of your websites.

LinkedIn really is a powerful network ready to be utilized by the healthcare field. Engaging in this network with a bit of knowledge and eagerness can only help grow your practice and increase awareness with your current and potential clients. Follow the advice written in this article and take on a full LinkedIn marketing strategy. Just remember that if you ever get stuck, Interactive Palette is always here to help.