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Grab Their Attention With Website Videos: 3 Rules To Consider

Grabbing the attention of visitors to your homepage is becoming more important than ever, as the average attention span last only about 8 seconds. If you want to capture and keep your website visitors’ attention, you might consider using video on your website, such as an intro video on your homepage. On average, people stay on sites with videos two minutes longer than they do on sites without videos. Videos are great at getting visitors to learn more about your business, and they’re also great at keeping attention.

Website Videos

But simply having a video on your website isn’t enough. It needs to be engaging, and inspire them to connect with your business or to make a purchase. Today we have 3 rules to follow that will make any website video grab their attention.

Have a purpose or a goal

The idea here is not that you have a video on your website just to have one, or just because we’ve told you to. The idea is to actually have a purpose for putting the video on your page. Perhaps you want to introduce your visitors to your company and explain what you do, show off your team’s talent, identify how your product was created, or highlight your services and how the process works. Basically, your target objectives should be awareness, education, and persuasion. Whatever your purpose is, it should move visitors to search your website further, or move further down the sales funnel.

Keep it short

To capture and maintain their attention, the video should be between 2 and 3 minutes long. If it’s on the longer end, make sure the beginning of your video holds the most important information. You should strive to make your content as concise as you can to get the most engagement, because more people are likely to keep watching the video until the end when it is on the shorter side.

End with a call-to-action

Make sure you tell your visitors what to do next – don’t leave them hanging. Refer back to what the purpose of your video is, and what you’d like the next step in the sales funnel to be. Do you want them to request a quote or consultation? Donate? Subscribe to your blog? Think about what is best for your marketing efforts. Then clearly state it at the end of the video, and consider including a button call-to-action or embedded form.

Make sure the videos on your website are the best representation of your brand. A poor-quality video or site could represent a poor-quality product or service in the eyes of consumers. Here are some additional tips to consider with your website video:

  • Turn off auto play
  • Limit background noise
  • Pay attention to lighting
  • Use a tripod to keep the camera steady

With such short attention spans these days, it’s important to capture attention on your website right away. Videos are a great way to engage visitors, inspire them to connect with your business or encourage them to the next step in the sales funnel. Use these rules and tips to create purposeful, concise, and action provoking videos that will keep their attention.