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Google visibility means business accountability

We’ve all been there… scrolling through our google search trying to find the most appealing link possible. How is it determined what links we get to see when we search though? One factor, as a business owner, is through the utilization of Google My Business. Google My Business is an offering by Google to any and all business owners to gain more visibility online. Let’s dive into why you should start taking advantage of this amazing business tool today!

“What will I gain by utilizing Google My Business?”

There is an endless amount of business owners this day in age, and it’s important that as a business owner you ensure that your business stands out from all the others. Now that you have an incredibly engaging website thanks to us here at Interactive Palette, you can easily use Google My Business to manage and update your business information to stay current, and constantly engaged, with both your previous and potential clients. With so many things to make visible to your clients such as your business address, phone number, your new and improved website, business hours, business photos, special business offers and promotions, it’s essential to have a service that helps you stay up to date easily and efficiently. You will be able to maintain a consistently current online presence, which will give you credibility with your customers. One of the easiest, simplest, and most effective tools included in Google My Business that you can use is your Google Business Profile.

“What exactly is a Google Business Profile?”

It’s that little square shaped information that pops up with a rating review, address, phone number, and website whenever you google a particular business right in the Google search bar. It’s essentially a snapshot of your business to give “the googlers” an idea of who you are and how they can connect with you. Think about when you are looking up something along the lines of “restaurants near me” in your Google search… What is the very first thing that pops up? It’s normally a map with all the restaurants in your area followed up with a list of those businesses. Wouldn’t you love for your new business website created by us here at Interactive Palette to be one of those businesses that’s highlighted in a Google search like that? Start utilizing your Google Business Profile and it could!

“I get free exposure for my business by using this service… it must cost an arm and a leg…”

I love to be the one to tell you, that it’s actually completely free! You can use this service on your desktop or even download the mobile app and use it daily directly from your smartphone. Aside from all of these great free benefits, Google will also provide you with Marketing materials for free! You are able to make customizable ready print posters, window stickers, table tents, social posts, and so much more. Check out this Google Marketing Kit for further information on how you can boost your business with some free marketing material. Also keep in mind, that not only will Google provide you with all of these amazing tools, but they also give you accessibility to insights on your business profile. What that means, is that you are able to see how you can optimize your engagement and customer interaction through the Customer Tab. You’ll be able to respond to reviews, see your business rating, and leave your customers feeling seen, heard, and prepared to do business with you! The more interaction you have with your existing and future clients, the more business you will gain!

If you’re a business owner looking to boost your businesses online visibility, Google My Business is the service for you. It gives you all the necessary tools to bolster your online presence when potential clients are searching Google for products and services similar to the ones you offer. It’s important to stay up to date with all of the latest resources available to keep your business moving forward and all of the free perks mentioned here are just additional resources to make your business interaction even more seamless and connected to your clients than it currently is. Between your new and improved website thanks to our team here at Interactive Palette and this essential business tool, you are bound to see your business gain more momentum.

It’s time for you to create and take advantage of your Business Profile today!

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