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Getting Back to Business

Getting back to business after the Covid-19 crisis is a top priority for many business owners. Companies sidelined for months will need to spring back into action to gain footing with the months that remain in 2020.

If you’re ready to get back to business, here are some ways to make this possible.

Getting Back to Business

Prepare Your Digital Presence for Maximum Benefit

Don’t assume that your website is up to speed before pushing ahead with an aggressive reopening plan, especially if you haven’t paid much attention to your digital assets in recent years. Numerous shifts continue to rock the web, especially when meeting best practices for internet compliance, security, and privacy.

Privacy – To protect the privacy and identity of visitors, website operators must ask for consent to track them. It’s crucial to set up all your privacy policies and have visitors opt-in or adjust their settings to meet these requirements. That includes containing statements and forms for GDRP and the CCPA. Thanks to the CCPA, California residents must be given the opportunity to opt-out of having their personal information sold or shared with third party companies. Compliant sites must disclose which info, if any, they’re actively collecting.

Update Your Design – It may be worth improving your digital assets with a brand new look. If you’ve been using the same website design for a while, a quick freshening up will strengthen your image. Don’t forget, some of your rivals may not be in a position to make improvements. If you are, that will give you a leg up over competitors. 

Fully Commit to Search Engine Optimization

Global businesses are in a challenging position, and lots of change will be the result of dealing with a worldwide pandemic. Now is an excellent time to launch a new strategic initiative that puts SEO at the top of the priority list. Why is SEO important enough to make it number one on your to-do list?

  • Organic search makes up the most significant portion of traffic for popular websites.
  • SEO builds credibility and trust among visitors.
  • Great SEO adds to the user experience, making visits to the site seamless.
  • Local SEO delivers traffic, increased engagement, and conversions.

Whether your business serves a local market or a nationwide audience, SEO is helpful. It’s effective at increasing revenues for service-oriented or product-based companies. When ethical search engine optimization tactics get employed with a focused advertising campaign, you can target and engage audiences across multiple demographics.

Make Marketing a Central Point of Your Comeback Plan

One way to help your business come roaring back to life from COVID-19 is by focusing on marketing. You can’t expect your customers or prospects to know what’s going on at your company if you don’t get the word out. That’s why now is an excellent time to focus your strategy and brand messaging. 

Start with research – Connecting with your ideal client to requires creating campaigns that appeal to specific demographics. The first step towards attracting new customers is researching your market to find candidates who are the best fit for your products or services. All other marketing efforts become clearer after fine-tuning your list with a laser-like focus.

Pick the most suitable platforms – It’s worth noting that no two social media platforms are the same. They don’t all attract the same visitors, so it’s worth creating specific campaigns for each social network where you’re active. Naturally, that takes more work and resources, but attempting a one-size-fits-all strategy is challenging to execute.

For example, Facebook is the busiest site with the lowest cost per click for ads but requires much attention to details. While you can get away with a smaller ad spend, it’s essential to understand many people are on FB for fun and aren’t necessarily there to buy things. Marketers who are attempting to convert these people to customers generally set up sales funnels with laser-like precision to convert the traffic from lukewarm interest to purchasing intent.

Depending on your budget, you may want to focus on one network at a time while perfecting your landing pages or campaign. By doing so, you can monitor costs and start small before overcommitting to any strategy.

Let Your Budget Guide Your Decisions

The first thing you’ll need to do is decide on your digital marketing budget. With this figure in mind, you can plan for what areas you’ll focus on and how you’ll structure your campaigns. Naturally, you don’t have to handle the work yourself since many excellent third-party vendors can help you with any aspect of your digital marketing. Having a budget in mind helps your digital marketing team make reasonable recommendations for your spending.

Conversion Optimization Is Always a Good Idea

A strong emphasis on conversion optimization is always advantageous. If you’re establishing budgets to bring in more traffic, you may spend some money on optimizing your current digital presence for conversions. This part is essential because it helps you get a favorable ROI on your ad budget.

If you are unfamiliar with Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), here are some basics about the process.

  • The process helps you gain greater awareness and understanding of your customers.
  • You end up gaining even more customers because more raw traffic ends up buying.
  • CRO pays for itself with an automatic increase in website profit.
  • It’s a fantastic way to leverage and get more from your current website traffic.
  • CRO will always lower your overall Customer Acquisition costs.

CRO is a smart place to start your comeback because it makes the most out of your existing and future traffic. Instead of letting people bounce from your pages without becoming customers, your funnel becomes a powerful tool that keeps the cash registers ringing! Even a small increase in your conversion rate can have significant impacts on your bottom line.

While COVID-19 has significantly impacted the business world, it’s provided companies who sell an unprecedented opportunity online. 

With a strategic plan in place, you can take advantage of this time to regain your grounding – especially if others in your industry don’t commit in the same way. Interactive Palette is ready to help you futureproof and capitalize on your online presence. Contact us today for a free consultation.