Getting Back to Business

“Let’s check Google…”

Those are usually the first words you hear people say when they are left searching for answers nowadays.  We use Google for basically everything!   

We can type in a quick question such as how many words are in the United States Constitution and get an immediate answer of 4,543 words, or we can ask more convoluted questions such as how exactly does SEO work?  Then continue on with a follow-up question of how will SEO help me improve my business?  

Google has such a vast expansion, in terms of its offerings, to us as users.   

The ability to utilize Google for not only your consumer needs but also for your business gain is a free gift that it would be hard-fought not to make use of.   

Google Business offers an opportunity to gain visibility with your potential clients, which of course is essential to running a successful business.  With your business profile on Google, you are able to make that first impression on your customers and draw them in. 

No matter what line of work you are in, your customers are always counting on you to deliver the best service possible.   

We live in a day and age where trust and dependability mean everything.  Google Business is just an additional free way to show your customers your ability to do and be all of the above.   

Through staying up to date on your business profile with a consistent update of your address, hours, and contact information you are showing your clients that you are able to diligently care for your own business, which will give them confidence that you will, in turn, be able to take impeccable care of them as well. Additionally, Google gives you the ability to upload your own product images and information, giving your potential clients a virtual window into your business. 

Once you start to create a client base that is visible through your Google presence, keep in mind that you are able to reward those clients who helped you get there too!  There are loyalty programs available through Google services which will aid in keeping your customers coming back for more.   

What is even more useful is that as you gain more clientele, your schedule is bound to be filled, and you never have to worry about missing customer engagement as your Google business profile allows you to sync your client bookings and maintain organization as your business and customer base continues to grow.    

Most importantly, Google Business gives you an opportunity to interact with your potential clients through their review feature.   

It is said that businesses who respond to their customer reviews are 1.7x more trustworthy than those who do not.*   That almost doubles your reliability with potential clients, which makes you that much more likely to secure their business.   

The more business you secure, the more reviews you will get.  The more reviews that you get, the more business you will attract.  The more business you attract, the more clients you are able to help.  It’s a beautiful cycle of success! 

Interactive Palette is here to help make your website engaging and captivating. Google Business is here to make your business visible so that it can thrive. Contact us today and find out how to take advantage of both! 

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