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Don’t Let An Expired Credit Card Bring Your Business Website To A Halt!

Picture this: you’re just starting your day, sipping a sweet cup of coffee, and then you receive an unexpected call. Your website is down!

Let us tell you, it’s not a pretty scene! But it is one that one of our clients recently experienced. Their website, an essential tool for lead generation, was offline, and they were losing potential customers by the minute.

We didn’t waste any time. Our website support team quickly diagnose the issue. We discovered that the root cause was common and easily preventable: their credit card expired. They had no idea!

Don’t Let An Expired Credit Card Bring Your Business Website To A Halt!

Understanding the situation’s urgency, we immediately contacted the client to inform them of the issue so we could swiftly resolve the problem. We updated the credit card information and expedited the renewal process for the domain to get it up and running as quickly as possible.

Within an hour, their website was back online. Our client could breathe a sigh of relief and continue receiving orders.

The Expired Credit Card Crisis

As I am sure you know, the consequences of your website and email being down can be catastrophic for a company, leading to a loss of credibility, customer trust, and financial stability. Without a website or email access, visitors can:

  • Become frustrated
  • Lose confidence in the brand
  • Click away to the nearest competitor

In addition, from a business standpoint, it can disrupt critical business operations, leading to missed opportunities, lost revenue, and decreased productivity.

Unexpected or preventable downtime can damage e-commerce businesses that use their website to generate revenue, maintain customer relationships, and provide an excellent user experience.

What Can Cause A Credit Card To Expire?

Credit cards can expire for various reasons, each with the potential to disrupt your online services if not appropriately managed. Let’s discuss:

Issue Date – The most common reason for expiration is the card issue date. Banks and financial institutions typically set a fixed lifespan for their cards, usually between three to five years. After this date, new charges get declined upon activating a replacement card.

Original Card Reported Lost Or Stolen – Another reason, the card was lost or stolen between renewal dates. Stolen cards get deactivated. Any pending charges get “declined,” and a new card is issued with a different number. Unfortunately, this card number typically isn’t automatically updated with vendors.

Virtual Card Numbers – Virtual card numbers, or virtual account numbers, are valuable in combating fraud and increasing security in online transactions. Unlike traditional debit or credit cards, virtual cards are unique, one-time-use numbers generated for a specific purchase. With a variable expiration date that can get set based on a time or number of uses, this number could go invalid.

Changes In Bank Policies – As a bank’s policies and offerings change over time, your current card may get phased out or expire. Other factors, including bank mergers, the financial institution shifting focus to different types of products or services, and responding to changes in regulations or market conditions, could affect account availability. In most cases, your bank will provide advance notice of these changes and provide options for switching to a different card or account.

Pro Tip: It’s crucial to stay aware of these factors and maintain up-to-date payment information with your website registrar.

What Happens If My Domain Name Registration Expires?

Although domain renewal procedures and fees after expiration might differ among domain registrars, it is common practice for registrars to implement a “Grace Period” for a brief duration. This period typically spans 14-30 days, during which the domain owner can renew their domain without incurring additional costs or penalties.

This window provides a safety net for domain owners to act promptly and avoid losing their domain name to another interested party or having the registrar revert ownership and offer it for resale or auction.

In many cases, for a much higher price than the standard renewal fee. However, if the domain owner fails to renew within the Grace Period, the domain may enter a “Redemption Period.” This stage, lasting around 30 days, often involves a considerably higher restoration fee than the regular renewal charge.

While redemption fees can vary, it is common for this fee to be $150 or upwards. This one-time fee from the domain registrar covers restoring the domain to your account. The redemption fee only applies if the domain expires and is unrenewed within the grace period.

If you cannot pay the redemption fee, you may still have the option to backorder the domain name. Backordering is a process where you request to purchase an expired domain name. If the domain name becomes available, all interested parties can acquire it through auction or direct sale.

Knowing this, it makes sense for business owners to stay vigilant and ensure that their business domain registration and payment information is up-to-date so they do not risk losing their valuable digital assets.

Avert Domain Renewal Disasters By Having A Website Support Team On Your Side

Partnering with a trusted website support team, like Interactive Palette, effectively prevents domain renewal or other website mishaps that can adversely affect your online presence. By entrusting your domain support and management to experienced professionals, you focus on core business operations while we handle the intricate details of domain registration, renewal, and maintenance.

Our experienced team ensures that your domain registration and payment information remain current, and we proactively monitor your domain’s status to avoid any unexpected disruptions. With our reliable support, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your valuable digital asset is protected and maintained by experts prioritizing your business’s success.