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How can you increase sales post-pandemic? E-Commerce is the Key!

Have you ever found yourself scrolling shamelessly through your feed and you come across an advertisement that completely catches your eye? You click on the ad just to buy that one item that you really didn’t need, but decide that you have to have. All of a sudden you find yourself going to your cart and it’s about 9 items deep with $250 worth of items you didn’t even think you wanted, but now you can’t live without… That’s the beauty of E-Commerce people!

For the past 20 years or so, we have been living in a world run by the internet. We use Google for basically anything and everything. We use social media platforms to both have our voices be heard, and to also hear others as well. Most importantly we are able to shop for everything right from the comfort of our own home. E-Commerce has completely changed the way of the world and how consumers approach their material spending. During the pandemic, we have seen such a significant increase in E-Commerce sales with up to *72% of consumers using their mobile devices to make purchases* during the pandemic. This is largely due to the sheer fact that it helps to limit in person contact and instead keeps consumers safe and sound in quarantine, while still obtaining all of life’s essential items. With a large majority of the population still harboring massive concern over the severity of this virus, it is essential that your business starts to utilize E-Commerce to not only maintain previous revenue goals, but to potentially see a significant increase in revenue than ever before, even during these uncertain times.

What exactly is E-Commerce?

Well, the simplified answer, is that E-Commerce is an online platform that allows consumers to purchase goods and services through an online website. There are three major types of E-Commerce. Those include business to consumer (B2C), business to business (B2B), and consumer to business (C2B). That sounds simple enough to understand, right? Well the thing about it is that to have a good E-Commerce business, you need to understand how it can help your business expand, the best way to present it to your clients, and how integrating E-Commerce into your business strategy could not only earn you more money than ever before but potentially save you more money than you ever thought possible.

With the world we are currently living in, it is crucial to keep your business not only surviving, but thriving. There have been major shutdowns all across the nation and there are endless questions around opening businesses back up. Our economy has taken a huge hit during these times and we have seen countless brick and mortar businesses forced to close their doors due to this pandemic. With the troubling numbers we see on the news, it doesn’t look entirely promising that things will ever go back to “normal” anytime soon. What that means for you and your business, is that it’s time to adjust and restructure your business plan to accommodate for consumer safety while still creating a platform that will produce massive results for your brand/organization/etc. Interactive Palette can help you integrate E-Commerce into your business plan seamlessly and simply.

The key to E-Commerce is creating a space where your clients & consumers can shop for services and goods online without ever having to leave the comfort of their home. It is a fairly simple process (especially when you let us here at Interactive Palette help you) where you create a sales funnel within your pre-existing platform that goes into an online cart where consumers/clients can safely and securely purchase goods & services and have the items delivered directly to their home or email depending on what it is that your company is selling. The major goal within this business strategy is simplicity. The easier it is for the consumer, the more apt they are to buy!

Simplicity, for both yourself and your consumers, is by far the most appealing aspect of utilizing E-Commerce for your business. We’ve already discussed how simple it is to get these services up and running on your website, especially with a little help from Interactive Palette, but what we haven’t addressed is how simple this service is for your consumers to use. Not only does E-Commerce allow your customers to continue shopping for goods and services while in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, but it also allows for an easy (and sometimes even fun) shopping experience for your customers! They are able to scroll through your entire website, services, and inventory all while sitting on their couch watching their kids or avoiding the dishes and “add items” to their “cart”. Once they are finished adding items to their cart, the secure and simple checkout process leaves them feeling satisfied with both their purchase and the entire shopping experience. The best part about integrating ECommerce into your business, is that when shopping online people are inclined to spend more easily because the ability to “add to cart” and check out process is so simple!

E-Commerce is the answer to all of your COVID and business growth concerns, whether that strictly be finding the best way to provide the highest level of safety for yourself and your consumers in the aftermath of this virus, or whether that be addressing concerns around having your business continue to grow even during these unprecedented times with access to continued growth potential moving forward. Here at Interactive Palette, we want to help you and your business not only survive this pandemic, but to come out on the other end absolutely thriving!

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