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Confidentiality And The Lawyer: Consider Email Encryption

For any attorney-client relationship, confidentiality is key. Sensitive client exchanges, testimonials, contracts and other data communicated through email should be kept between attorney and client. Keep these exchanges private with email encryption, preventing any party other than the sender and receiver from reading the content.

email security

In most cases, a primary attack method to compromise sensitive company or personal data is through email. Cyber criminals look for attachments with private data, bank details, links or any other form of crucial and sensitive information. This is why email encryption is increasingly required in areas like banking and healthcare, due to protection laws such as HIPAA and other privacy standards. It will no doubt become more of a necessity for businesses, law practices included, and maybe even the average user.

Legal and ethical duties

Not only is confidentiality the prudent thing to do for any law practice, it also protects you from potential lawsuits that can hurt your practice. As an attorney, you have legal and ethical duties to protect information relating to your clients. Take it a step further when addressing these duties and consider email encryption to keep your client safe and your practice safe. And luckily for you, email encryption services are becoming increasingly available and affordable, and many easy-to-use options are out there.

How it works

Email encryption involves an algorithm that transforms readable data into unreadable data. And a protected decryption key is used to transform the encrypted data back to readable data. Meaning, encrypted data is protected from those who don’t have access to the protected decryption key. In simple terms, the process of email encryption keeps hackers from reading the emails meant to stay between attorney and client. Some encryption programs make sure to keep it extra secure by supporting secure e-signatures, ensuring the message remains encrypted all the way to the recipients, or allow you to control who sees the message and provide a notice when the message has been received and opened.

Integrate with technology

As the world becomes more and more tech-friendly, most everybody has a mobile device which is used for both personal and business interactions, including email. If this is true, then it’s also true that email encryption should be easily integrated with these technologies. This is important to remember as you choose an email encryption service for your law firm.

Consider email encryption as a confidentiality solution

As an attorney, you have legal and ethical duties to protect information related to your clients – and that includes information communicated through email. If confidentiality is truly something your practice holds tightly to, then why wouldn’t you go with email encryption?

As the need for email encryption increases, so does the availability and affordability of the service. As you address the issues of security and confidentiality with your practice, email encryption is one great solution to consider.

AppRiver and CipherPost Pro

We understand the need for cybersecurity today in business. This is one reason we partnered with AppRiver, a cloud-based solution for cybersecurity who offers an email encryption service. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use service that can provide excellent email encryption, contact Interactive Palette to get started.