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Case Study: Intranet Communication

White Paper: Optimizing Internal Communications with a Revamped Digital Intranet


Maintaining efficient and secure internal communications is crucial for organizational success in today’s fast-paced digital landscape. This White Paper from Interactive Palette highlights our unique approach to the recent overhaul of a company intranet for a confidential client, setting it apart from other solutions in the market.

Case Study: Intranet

The project scope included enhancing the user interface for better consistency, security, and functionality. A core priority was improving employee interaction and streamlining information retrieval.

Problem Statement

The client needed help with their existing intranet system. Among the issues reported by the client:

  • Unrestricted access control that posed security risks.
  • The main website and the intranet had inconsistent design.
  • An outdated employee directory that was lacking desired and essential features.

Project Objectives

To address these leading issues and challenges, the direction of this project aimed to:

  1. Restrict intranet access to authorized personnel only.
  2. Align the intranet’s design with the company’s main website for a consistent user experience.
  3. Enhance the functionality of the employee directory.

Solutions Implemented

Design and Development

The project started by creating a new intranet on a staging URL. The staging site design mirrored the central website aesthetics for more robust and cohesive branding across their digital assets. Critical features integrated included:

Interactive Calendar – This enhanced feature facilitates better planning and coordination across all departments. It empowers authorized staff and employees to view, add, and modify events easily so all team members remain aligned and informed of upcoming deadlines and activities.

File Directory – Our improved file directory system increased document management efficiency. The improved infrastructure streamlines storage, retrieval, and file sharing. As a result, staff members and employees experienced less frustration and increased productivity with a more organized file system.

Revamped Employee Directory – The newly upgraded employee directory now incorporates daily updates via a custom PHP script that automatically syncs employee data from a regularly uploaded CSV file. This advancement enhances the accuracy and reliability of employee information, making it easier for staff to find correct and updated contact details and job roles quickly.

Access Control

The development team meticulously set intranet access limits to pre-approved IP addresses only, bolstering the intranet’s security. This strategic approach ensures that only authorized personnel can access the internal network, significantly minimizing risks associated with unauthorized access and security breaches. Strict access protocols protect sensitive company data and enhance the integrity of the internal communication network.

Additionally, “no index” tags were integrated across all intranet pages. This proactive security measure is a crucial step that prevents search engines from crawling, indexing, and displaying internal content in search results. This layer of digital protection is essential for safeguarding the sensitive nature of the intranet, ensuring that internal communications and resources remain accessible only to authorized team members accessing the system on approved IP addresses.

Custom Programming

Interactive Palette customized a PHP program to extend and enhance the functionality of the Employee Directory. The plugin automatically retrieves employee images from a specific directory.

Further, a custom field for employee IDs was incorporated into the WordPress system, directly linking each ID to the company’s payroll system. This integration streamlined profile management by keeping employee data synchronized across platforms and boosted efficiency in handling and updating employee information so the directory remains accurate and up-to-date.

Challenges and Resolutions

Plugin Conflicts

A new plugin integration led to an unforeseen issue affecting functionality. Immediately following website updates, employee images disappeared from their directory view. After the development team debugged the problem, we created a training video. Should it happen again, the Interactive Palette staff had protocols to resolve these issues without disrupting the directory’s integrity.

Scope Creep

Client requests occasionally extended beyond the initially defined project scope, notably by adding a document search feature on the homepage. Adapting to this request required swift and effective action from our team. We used custom coding to integrate this functionality with the existing design seamlessly and met the client’s specific requirements. This flexible approach allowed us to accommodate the additional features without causing significant delays in the project timeline.

Technical Glitches

Issues like the calendar’s non-display were resolved through collaborative problem-solving, highlighting the importance of team synergy in troubleshooting and innovation.

Outcomes and Client Feedback

Post-implementation, the client experienced a significant improvement in the company’s centralization of communication, document management, and overall transparency. The client’s feedback underscored the value of the revamped intranet, noting its crucial role in enhancing operational efficiency and employee engagement.

Lessons Learned and Future Practices

Throughout this confidential project, several key lessons emerged that reshaped Interactive Palette’s approach to similar projects and initiatives, demonstrating our commitment to continuous improvement and our ability to apply these learnings to future projects.

Regular Team Meetings – Regular team meetings were instrumental in the success of this project. This ongoing dialogue helped team members stay informed and aligned with the project and the client’s objectives, enabling them to adjust to project bottlenecks or unexpected challenges. These discussions improved team cohesion and supported a more collaborative development environment.

Creating Training Materials – Creating specific training videos was implemented as a cornerstone of our internal methodology. Our internal training materials proved essential in documenting solutions to issues as they arose, significantly speeding up the resolution process for similar future problems. Training videos streamlined the sharing of our internal knowledge base, empowering our team members with the know-how needed to solve recurring problems independently.

Enhanced Communication Protocols – Identifying and explaining issues has led to cleaner and faster solutions. As such, we refined our communication protocols, ensuring every team member had the tools to articulate problems and share ideas, feedback, and progress.

Final Thoughts

The successful redesign and enhancement of the client’s intranet marked a significant advancement in using technology to create a more connected and secure organizational environment.

This project has set a benchmark for future digital transformations, highlighting the need for adaptability, robust security measures, and a user-centric design approach in internal communication platforms.

These invaluable lessons and methodologies, gleaned from this successful project, will serve as a compass for our future endeavors. They reassure us that we are equipped to continue delivering high-quality solutions that meet our clients’ evolving needs.