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Seasonal Success: Why WordPress Rules For Tourism Businesses

As the first signs of Spring are popping up across the East Coast, there's a lot of excitement in the air. This time of year is the heartbeat for tourism and seasonal companies, which conduct much of their business when the days are longer, the sun is shining, and...

Google Lighthouse: Lighting the Way

The latest evolution, or adjustment, that our clients are experiencing is the need for their websites to be ADA Compliant. More and more lawsuits are surfacing, requiring even small businesses to rethink the way they present themselves online.

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Google visibility means business accountability

We’ve all been there… scrolling through our google search trying to find the most appealing link possible. How is it determined what links we get to see when we search though? One factor, as a business owner, is through the utilization of Google My Business. Google My Business is an offering by Google to any and all business owners to gain more visibility online. Let’s dive into why you should start taking advantage of this amazing business tool today!

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Zoom Your Way into Seamless COVID Office Hours

In this new normal, technology has made it possible for many businesses to seamlessly transition from face to face contact to a much safer virtual platform.  As clients of Interactive Palette, it’s obvious you know the importance of a virtual presence and so it’s likely easy to understand how beneficial a virtual platform can be in this new normal as well.

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Getting Back to Business

Getting back to business after the Covid-19 crisis is a top priority for many business owners. Companies sidelined for months will need to spring back into action to gain footing with the months that remain in 2020. If you’re ready to get back to business, here are some ways to make this possible.

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