It’s The Time Of The Year To give, But Also Receive

A time when we share and show our gratitude for all of the blessings we have in life. What about our friends who may not have as many blessings though? There are millions of people in the world that are suffering from some type of disability, and it is our priority here at Interactive Palette to ensure that everyone gets the same opportunity to shop and share during this holiday season.

Redesign Your Business Into 2021 Success

2020 sure has been a year. It seems safe to say that we are all hoping for a better outcome for the upcoming year of 2021. A great way to ensure that you are lining yourself up for a successful year, is through investing in a complete redesign of your current customer interaction.

Hack Attack

Remember the good ole days when we had to shut down our phone lines just to use the internet to look up the meaning of what a hacker even is? How far we have come since then…

Google visibility means business accountability

We’ve all been there… scrolling through our google search trying to find the most appealing link possible. How is it determined what links we get to see when we search though? One factor, as a business owner, is through the utilization of Google My Business. Google My Business is an offering by Google to any and all business owners to gain more visibility online. Let’s dive into why you should start taking advantage of this amazing business tool today!

Zoom Your Way into Seamless COVID Office Hours

In this new normal, technology has made it possible for many businesses to seamlessly transition from face to face contact to a much safer virtual platform.  As clients of Interactive Palette, it’s obvious you know the importance of a virtual presence and so it’s likely easy to understand how beneficial a virtual platform can be in this new normal as well.