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Benefits of content management and making your b2b website easily scalable.

So your b2b website is ‘hot off the press’ and has just launched. Great! But hold on, don’t think the work stops there.

It is important that your website doesn’t become static and outdated. This can be avoided by incorporating new content on a regular basis, whether it comes from a third party service, a small team, or yourself. But why create new content at all? It’s simple – content is king. In terms of search engine optimization (SEO), if you want your site to keep on ranking well for your keywords, content needs to be published regularly. This ensures that your website continues to be seen (due to its upkeep of ranking on search engines) and continues to bring visitors to your website and clients to your business. These are the benefits that managing your content can bring.

If you understand that your website is one of your best tools for communicating with your clients or customers, but don’t want to get swamped with all of the technical details that are involved in content management, a web content management system (CMS) might be a great investment. This is a software solution for your business that can help you control published content, giving you the ability to see the status of all your content. It allows you to assign tasks and check that they have been done if you’re working with multiple content creators and is also an easy way to integrate planned content with your marketing plan.

Now that you know to keep your website content rich and up-to-date, you can start to think about how you will handle your growth. As you gain more visitors, have more page views and with more users creating accounts you will need to make your website easily scalable. Scalability refers to the capability of a system, network, or process to handle and become bigger in order to accommodate growth. The solution is to add more data centers, or servers, and use a load balancer to distribute your traffic among these data centers. A Content Delivery Network (CDN) will help you do just that, as it is a network of servers spread throughout the world that deliver content from websites to users based on the geographic location of the user.

Well done! You have not only launched your website, but have learned how to keep it moving, along with your business, through the ongoing creation and management of content and also how to support the outcome of growth by making your website easily scalable.