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We’ve been busy being compliant, how about you?

We’ve been working hard finding the perfect partner to help keep you and your business safe!

accessiBe“Safe from what,” you ask?


There, I said it. The one word that no business owner ever wants to hear…

“Lawsuits for what,” you ask?

ADA Compliance.

If you are sitting there asking yourself what ADA compliance is, take a look at our latest blog article to find out.

The long and short of ADA compliance is that your company’s website needs to be accessible to any and all walks of life. That includes the hearing impaired, the deaf, the blind, the visually impaired, the motor impaired, people with cognitive disorders, and those that suffer from epileptic seizures.

Have you ever thought about what it would feel like to try and go onto a website and you simply just can’t?

We live in such a digital world nowadays that the thought of this probably seems so foreign to you, that you can’t even begin to wrap your head around it…

Unfortunately not everyone can be so lucky.

We’ve teamed up with accessiBe to ensure that your company gives every single one of your customers the opportunity to be that lucky, no matter what their personal circumstances may be.

“Who is accessiBe and how can they help me with this,” you ask?

Well accessiBe is an incredible new partner of ours here at Interactive Palette that has created the perfect software to make your website easily, quickly, and effortlessly accessible to everyone!

They have created a program that seamlessly updates your website on a daily basis to ensure that any & all of your website updates are always compliant. They have worked with the disabled population to create their systems which should keep you feeling both confident and extremely comfortable knowing that this software was created with the population who needs it most kept right in the forefront of their minds.

Aside from the feel good aspect of working with a company like accessiBe, you should also feel assuredly safe in your decision to work with them too!

Not only do they carry out all of the compliance work for you on a daily basis, but they will even handle your legal issues, such as sending an email with your new compliance updates to the lawyers that made you aware of your non compliance in the first place.

I’m sure at this point you’re thinking, “Wow, this really sounds like a great company! It must cost an arm and a leg to work with them…”

I am more than happy to tell you that couldn’t be farther from the truth!

Not only will Interactive Palette take care of your installation fee but for the small baseline fee of $490 for a full year or the extremely low payment of $49 a month you can work with our new partner and start running your business with the peace of mind knowing that you are safe from any sort of compliance issues on your newly renovated website. You are also given a free 7 day trial which guarantees you are able to see the results from your new website compliance partner as accessiBe promises a 2 day turnaround for their services. All of this means you have virtually no reason not to, at the very least, test the ethers and see why we have chosen to partner with them.

I know that compliance can be one of the most stressful aspects to creating your website, which is why we took our time finding the perfect partner to make your life easier.

Now that we’ve picked the perfect partner to help our clients, we all have a little more time on our hands here at Interactive Palette. This means that we have more time to dedicate to doing what we know how to do best – Interact with our clients!

Keep an eye out for more newsletters with all of the latest updates on how we can continue to make your business better, but for now let’s get you connected to accessiBe to start your free trial today!