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9 Things You Must Know Before Launching Your New Website

One of the best things that you can do for your business is to launch a website. It’s one of the most potent tools that company owners have available to market their business. We’ll talk about nine things you need to know before you launch your website in this post.

Website Launch

Your Site Needs To Look Awesome On All Devices

For best results, your website needs to look its best on all devices. Therefore, your site needs to be mobile-friendly and designed to look fabulous no matter what technology people use to access it. If your website doesn’t function appropriately across devices, then this can cause problems like not being found in search engines or providing an unsatisfactory user experience.

Your Site Must Load Quickly

A slow or unresponsive website is no good for anyone! It will harm your business if people are waiting around for your site to load. The best way to avoid this is to work with website developers who prioritize performance when designing the site. According to a recent Tekserve survey, a slow website can leave an unfavorable impression on visitors.

Ways to improve website speed include compressing code, minimizing image file sizes, and using caching tools.

You Must Maintain Website Integrity

When upgrading an older site to a new design, it’s essential to either redirect visitors or keep your website page name convention. By doing so, website owners avoid 404 errors and other potential misfires on indexed pages.

Ideally, the site should be absent of broken or non-existent links, as this undermines the value of your website.

A broken link can make visitors think that there is something wrong with your site and choose to leave, which will result in lost revenue for your business. Additionally, these oversights can hurt your search engine ranking or result in a deprecated user experience.

Get A Website That Spurs Business Growth

To achieve the best chance of success with your website, you should invest in one designed specifically for your business. You’ll get better results if the site has been built specifically for your industry and offers all the critical functionality needed to handle visitor requests, answer questions, and increase conversions.

Ensuring your site has compelling calls to action, straightforward navigation, and a contact form can also help you increase conversions.

Include Key Functionality And Elements In Your Design

The best way for your site to be fully prepared for success is to include all the critical components. These components include engaging calls to action, straightforward navigation, and a contact form. Include these vital elements on your website to maximize conversions, sales, prospects, and leads.

Create A Plan To Update Your Site Over Time

No business website is complete on launch day! You’ll need to put a plan in place to add new content over time so that the site is always fresh. Give thought to what your ideal target audience wants and keep them coming back for more by regularly updating the site with new, relevant content.

Make It Easy For Visitors To Find What They Want

Among the most frustrating things about visiting some websites is having to search the site to find what you’re seeking. Implementing straightforward navigation is the best way to ensure your visitors can find their way around. Use labels, breadcrumb trails, and mastheads to help your visitors

Raise Visibility In Search Engines

Among the easiest ways to improve your search engine rankings is with key inclusions like schema markup, quality content, and the use of H-tags. These elements can enhance your site’s trustworthiness and authority – which will help you rise in search engine rankings, get more website traffic, and increase sales, conversions, and leads.

Working With A Professional Website Developer Alleviates Stress When Launch Day Arrives

The best way to avoid mistakes and stress related to launching a new website is to work with a professional website developer. They’ll ensure you know what to expect when you launch the site and help you identify any issues that could damage your brand’s reputation or SEO rankings before they happen.

You can confidently launch your new website with the right development team behind you, knowing all the details are correct.

Regardless of the size of the website project, working with a company like Interactive Palette can help calm down all of your launch day jitters and ensure that your corporate website runs smoothly all the days that follow.

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