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11 Best Practices For Website Design and Development

Whether you’re launching a new business or re-imagining your existing company, it’s critical to follow the best website design and development practices to establish your digital presence. Here are the eleven practices your website should follow for best results.

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Reliable Secure Hosting

By leveraging reliable, secure hosting, your website will be more accessible to your customers and keep malicious cyber-attackers from exploiting vulnerabilities. In addition, website speed is an essential factor in ranking on search engines, so make sure your hosting company gets optimized for performance by using the latest webserver software and offering HTTP/2 support.

Image Compression

Image compression is a simple way to speed up your website by reducing the overall size of your images. This process shrinks the file size without a noticeable loss in quality, helping you save bandwidth and load your site faster. For websites that rely heavily on imagery, this improves site speed and user experience.

ADA Compliance

The Internet has opened doors for people with disabilities to find the information they can use in their daily lives. Therefore, providing ADA-compliant browsing controls to visitors is a critical aspect of website design and development. In addition, ADA compliance empowers people with various needs to view or read the site based on their preferences.

Website Maintenance

Unkempt websites are more likely to be neglected and forgotten. If you can’t keep up with your website maintenance, outsource the work. If you do it yourself, follow a regular schedule for tasks like performing security audits, monitoring online reputation, and responding to user comments to ensure rapid response time when issues arise.

eCommerce Integration

Integrating your website with an eCommerce solution allows customers to purchase products or services immediately. This functionality boosts online sales conversion rates and will enable you to track customer behavior, analyze trends, and drive site traffic through targeted advertising.

Contact Form Integration

If you want to hear from visitors, make it easy for them to contact you by integrating a contact form on your website. A functioning contact form allows you to respond to customers faster, convert leads into sales, and provide an easy way for visitors to ask questions or provide feedback.

Local SEO Optimization

People are more likely to conduct a local search if your website appears on the results page. Therefore, optimize your site for local SEO by including a location map, geo-targeting keywords, focusing on mobile usability, and adding a business listing with relevant information to increase visibility in SERPs.

Responsive Design

It’s no longer acceptable to design a website that only works on desktop computers; responsive web design or RWD enables you to serve your content in the best way possible for every device. Unsurprisingly, mobile devices have overtaken PCs as the most popular internet-ready devices, so it’s critical that your website is ready for mobile viewing and adapts the layout Ordbased on screen size.

Newsletter And Email Marketing Integration

Email marketing is among the best ways to build your customer base and grow your business. First, integrate newsletter management software with your website and subscribe form, then create a range of topics that pique interest to provide helpful information for visitors.

Frequent Content Updates

Fresh content is far more engaging than material that’s not updated often. If you want to increase traffic, prompt people to return to your website and encourage them to share new and noteworthy posts with their social networks.

Strategies to add fresh content to your website include:

New blog posts.
New product or service pages.
Even refreshing your existing content with fresh content.

Check For Mistakes And Outdated Information

Check your website regularly for overlooked errors, broken links, outdated material or product information, and other issues. Also, maintain a schedule of periodic audits to ensure that any security flaws are quickly detected and fixed. By staying on top of these errors, you’ll ensure that your website gets continually updated with relevant material and your visitors have the best experience possible.

Get Professional Help If You Need It

Just because you understand the basics of website design and development doesn’t mean that you can handle any problem or issue related to your website. If people complain about bugs in your application or site design, the good news is that Interactive Palette is available to help you.

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