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Posted by on 17 February 2012

From retail to politics, music to business, the enormous variety of “apps” for Apple iPad and iPhone users seems to grow daily. With so much application software out there to choose from, it can be a challenge to decide which apps to choose. The following is a brief primer on some of the most popular and useful apps now available for little or no money.

iWork Suite, created by Apple for the launch of the iPad last year, is an impressive business app that can make creating or editing documents that contain tables, formulas and much more a snap.

Dragon Dictation is voice recognition software that acts as a virtual personal secretary enabling iPad users to record a meeting, phone call, dictate an email or text message hands free…and then see it in text form almost instantly.

CNN Election Center is your bird’s eye view of the 2012 Presidential election season. See the latest political headlines, race results and watch major events live on this CNN app for iPhone.

iTunes Movie Trailers allows iPad and iPhone users to browse trailers, clips and featurettes from new Hollywood blockbusters and independent films.

Pandora Radio is a free personalized radio that plays exactly what you want to hear. Just name your favorite artists, songs or composer and Pandora will create a custom “station” that plays similar music.

iBooks lets you download everything from the latest bestsellers to your favorite classics. Simply browse the iBookstore, tap a book to open it, the flip through pages with a swipe or tap.

Target is right on target with an application that lets consumers browse and purchase Target store items directly from their iPad; you can also create and organize shopping lists, get special offers, check prices and more.

EPI is a direct line to more than 30,000 recipes from the popular Epicurious.com food website. Now available on both iPad and iPhone, this app also allows you to create shopping lists and email recipes to yourself and friends.

Price Check by Amazon lets you use your iPhone to compare prices instantly with Amazon.com and its merchants when shopping, eliminating the worry over whether you’re getting the best price on a product. This amazing app enables you to search for Amazon products quickly using barcode, picture, voice and text search – it even provides product descriptions and customer reviews.

Flipboard was named Apple’s iPad App of the Year in addition to one of TIME’s Top 50 Innovations and for good reason. It creates a personalized magazine out of all social network information shared with you. You can “flip” through your Facebook newsfeed, tweets from form your Twitter timeline and much more.

Happy app shopping!

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