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The Rotary Club of Fall River Community Garden sees light of day

Posted by on 10 July 2012

What started out as a seedling of an idea has blossomed into an initiative that is producing a lot of positive response from the Fall River community. A few months ago, I and fellow Rotary Club of Fall River board members Jo Ann Bentley and Carmen Aguilar started talking after a meeting and realized we had a common interest in making garden plots accessible to people who don’t have enough land of their own to grow a garden.

The changing world of the Chief Information Officer

Posted by on 21 May 2012

For the company Chief Information Officer, the task of keeping information secure, and fully functional, can be daunting. In an age where so much information is transmitted via the Internet and stored on servers in a remote data center,  those tasked with overseeing the safe storage and transmittal of data wonder if they have enough security and backup and what they could additionally do to keep things running smoothly.

Finding Inspiration for Creative Web Design on the Red Carpet

Posted by on 21 May 2012

The Met Gala Costume Ball is the premiere fashion event of the year. Mingling on the red carpet are the industry’s most illustrious designers, and the best dressed, most watched trend setters of Hollywood. This event is a showcase of the latest innovations, inspirations and visions from the fashion world’s reigning leaders.

Protect your business website with proper security

Posted by on 9 May 2012

As if business owners didn’t have enough to worry about, anxiety over sending secure transactions via your website are very real…but with the proper protection and by working with a reputable web host, that concern can be crossed off your list.

How the new iPad can draw attention to your website

Posted by on 11 April 2012

There’s something to be said for getting on the bandwagon of a popular new product…so why not increase the search engine optimization of your website with a blog or column about the technically in-vogue new iPad from Apple?

Medical practices and mobile websites – a prescription for success

Posted by on 17 February 2012

The Internet has transformed the way information is gathered, making it critical for all industries – including healthcare – to provide the public uncomplicated access to desired information.

Apps that apply to everyday use

Posted by on 17 February 2012

From retail to politics, music to business, the enormous variety of “apps” for Apple iPad and iPhone users seems to grow daily. With so much application software out there to choose from, it can be a challenge to decide which apps to choose. The following is a brief primer on some of the most popular and useful apps now available for little or no money.

Dos and Don’ts of Website Revisions - Part II

Posted by on 29 December 2011

Are you paying a fee for business web hosting, but aren’t placing well in search engines or capturing new customers? Despite your best efforts, you may have overlooked the importance of web design in search engine optimization. Here are 5 more great tips on easy ways to improve your website’s traffic and appearance. Extra tips can be found in part one of this article. 

Dos and Don’ts of Website Revisions - Part I

Posted by on 22 December 2011

With the decline of Flash and the magnificent rise of HTML5, trying to keep up with web standards can be daunting. Or, if you’re still mourning the loss of Geocities Site Builder, depressing. Are you paying a fee for business web hosting, but aren’t placing well in search engines or capturing new customers? If your website is heavily flash based, table based or has been gathering dust for over 2 years, it’s time to get better results by rethinking your design and site structure. The good news is, you can probably start that process today, by yourself, without enrolling in a community college night class. For those savvy enough to attempt a few refreshing changes themselves, allow the following simple suggestions to assist you in turning your ancient eyesore into a beautiful, modern website. And for those who have no idea what a tag is….allow me to direct you to our contact page.

Shopping tips for the technologically unsure

Posted by on 12 December 2011

With the holiday season in full swing, many people are in the market for the newest, most cutting edge gifts. Whether shopping for a new phone, mp3 player, tablet, or computer, there are a number of options to explore at various retail locations and at different price points. Some might argue that it’s worth looking at products that are perhaps more affordable, such as the Samsung Galaxy or Motorola Xoom. Others would argue that the iPad might still be better because of its technology.

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