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Religious organization web design for SNDdN by Interactive Palette

When Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur recognized the need to re-design their website and offer a mobile site for their world-wide visitors, they diligently researched website design and hosting firms, ultimately selecting Interactive Palette.

"We made the best possible choice," said Sister Anne Stevenson, Director of Communications with Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, based in Ipswich, MA. Recognized as outstanding educators, Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur live and work among people of different cultures on five continents.

"Our former website was old-fashioned, the process to update information was too involved and time-consuming and we did not have a mobile site, so we narrowed our search for a website designer to four companies from throughout the country and decided that Kevin McNally and the team at Interactive Palette could meet our needs best," said Sister Anne, noting that the Interactive Palette proposal was swiftly approved by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur General Leadership in Rome.

To best address the Sisters specific needs, Interactive Palette set up an initial meeting where a flow chart and client questionnaire were provided to assist in identifying areas of importance.

"The questionnaire was an excellent tool for it required us to really think about and spell out what we needed; throughout that process Kevin was genuinely engaged in trying to understand our particular requests," said Sister Anne.

The new website, available in both English and French, integrates a Content Management System (CMS) to allow staff members the ability to add pages, edit content, upload images and PDFs and easily make other changes as needed in both languages.

Interactive Palette additionally designed and built a mobile website for Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, an optimized version of the main website which quickly displays on a wide variety of "smart phones" and alternative mobile platforms. The principal focus of the mobile site is to draw immediate attention to the Gospel Reflections, which are written by Sisters all over the world.

"We enjoyed solid communication from Interactive Palette throughout all phases of the re-design and were pleased that Kevin and his staff really listened and were open to our design opinions," said Sister Anne. "In fact, we are so impressed with Interactive Palette that we have decided to have them host our website and look forward to future projects with this fine team of professionals in the future."

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