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Kevin McNally highlighted in Providence Business News

Kevin McNally was recently named a 2011 Top Young Professional Under 40 by the New England Business Bulletin. McNally is the president and founder of Web-design firm Interactive Palette. He has more than 15 years of experience in the Web-design industry. He holds a bachelor’s degree in sculpture from Rhode Island School of Design and an MFA in interactive design from Savannah College of Art and Design. McNally was among 13 recipients of the New England Business Bulletin's third annual Top Young Professional award.

PBN: What led you to an MFA in interactive design after studying sculpture?

MCNALLY: While I was at RISD I became involved in making surfboards. When I graduated the only really marketable skill I had was fiberglass work. It was good work, but I wanted to get involved in something more interesting to me so I enrolled in Savannah College of Art and Design for Product Design. While I was there I started making websites and fell in love with it. I quickly changed my major to Interactive Design and started doing in an internship in Savannah to get experience.

PBN: What are some changes you’ve seen in the Web design/development industry since founding Interactive Palette 12 years ago?

MCNALLY: When I started building websites in 1998 everything was created in HTML using tables and images, things were a lot simpler. Over the years the systems and software have become more complex offering a lot of features. Open Source software has made it possible for small businesses to take advantage of some really sophisticated functionality. The thing that we are getting really excited about these days is how video is being used more and more on the web. Once HTML 5 becomes more widely adopted you will be begin to see this more and more.

PBN: In addition to being a member of several local associations, you organize the Fall River Running Meet-Up Group. Can you tell us about this group? 

MCNALLY: I started this group about a year ago as a way to meet people in the area. It’s really become a great community of people in a short period of time. We try to organize a couple runs a week and I have made some great friends through it. It’s also evolving, I am involved in a community garden project through The Rotary Club of Fall River and I am using this as a way to schedule garden signups. It’s helping me get the word out of other things that interest me. I am really glad I started this.

For more information about building a custom web design, please contact Kevin McNally, (781) 930-3199 or email sales@interactivepalette.com.

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We have had a healthy working relationship with Kevin and his great team for eight years; they have always been there for us…and we know we can continue to count on them to keep our web site looking fresh and professional.

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